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The Sanfords Walk the “Green” Walk

The Sanford name is among the most famous in California’s Central Coast winegrowing region. Richard and Thekla Sanford have founded multiple successful winegrowing enterprises over the past 30 years, most famously the Sanford Winery. But in 2005, …

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Protecting “Wines of a Place”

The next time you’re in Thailand, you’ll be able to order a bottle of Napa Valley wine with confidence. That’s because Thailand has joined a slowly growing list of countries and regions that have granted “geographic indication” status to wines fro…

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The Art of the Label

I had a little spare time over the weekend—something that never happens—and I found myself leafing through various volumes in my wine library. I ended up spending a good two hours with “The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels,” compiled and…

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The Shape of Things to Come?

Champagne lovers ditched the coupe a long time ago. The coupe is a broad-bowled glass with a stem that you used to see at wedding receptions and on New Year’s Eve—typically when there were a lot of people celebrating a special occasion. Only it tu…

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