Making a Wine Gift Even More Special

A bottle of wine makes a romantic Valentine’s Day present, and nothing says “I love you” better than a beautifully wrapped package.

Taking the time not only to buy a nice bottle, but also to wrap it nicely, conveys the message to your loved one that you gave the gift some thought—unlike a pre-packaged box of chocolates.

Fortunately, no artistic ability is required to transform that bottle into an amazing-looking gift.

The simplest option is to wrap the bottle in tissue paper (red would be a good color for Valentine’s Day), and then place it in a gift bag. Your local Hallmark shop offers a wide selection of wine gift bags, and you need to stop by to pick up a card anyway.

Some wineries sell wooden crates for their special bottles, and include the winery’s logo on the crate. Add a red ribbon and a small gift card, and you have a classy, romantic presentation.

And if you really want to score points, include a bottle of wine as part of a gift basket that also holds a selection of chocolates or some other special treat. Wrap it up in red cellophane paper, and your sweetie will know where your heart is.

THAT’S A WRAP! This concludes our week-long series of blogs leading up to Valentine’s Day 2012. If you missed any of them, be sure to check them out for getaway ideas, wine suggestions, and food pairing ideas.

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