New Zealand Embraces Sustainability

The United States isn’t the only winegrowing country that’s taking the protection of the environment seriously, as we detailed in yesterday’s blog here on Vinesse TODAY (see here).

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand is an industry initiative directed through the New Zealand Winegrowers organization. With a growing trade and consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, it provides an important platform to promote the New Zealand wine industry as a world leader in clean, green wine production.

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand provides a framework for improving all aspects of performance—environmental, social and economic sustainability.

In the vineyard, it addresses the use of agrichemicals, soil health, water availability and quality, and biodiversity.

In the winery, it addresses resource management, waste management and process management issues.

The program also promotes the well being of staff, neighbors and the community.

The Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand logo endorses wines produced from 100% accredited vineyard grapes, verifying each winery’s commitment to environmentally responsible production.

You can learn more about Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand here.

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