The Art of the Label

I had a little spare time over the weekend—something that never happens—and I found myself leafing through various volumes in my wine library.

I ended up spending a good two hours with “The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels,” compiled and written by Tanya Scholes. I’ve always been fascinated with label design, and Scholes’ book tells the “inside stories” of how some of the wine world’s most iconic labels came to be.

I could tell you more about the book, but I could do no better than the summary found on, which you can read here.

Yes, many wine label designs are all about marketing. But some emphasize the art over all else (except the wine, of course), and are absolutely art gallery-worthy. Here are three of my favorites:

  1. Taittinger: Click here for a look at Taittinger’s Millennium Cuvee, a Brut Champagne from the 2000 vintage.
  2. Eric Kent Wines: Every bottle from this Sonoma County-based producer gets the “art treatment,” and you can view a gallery of the labels here.
  3. Kenwood Vineyards: I’ve been collecting Kenwood Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon for years. Today, I have a few empty bottles on my wine rack, a few not-yet-opened bottles in the same place, and an array of framed Artist Series posters and actual labels on my living room wall. Click here for a look at one of my favorite labels in the series, and be sure to click on the bottle within the press release for a closer look.


    Do you have a favorite wine label? We’d love to hear about it in the Comments box below.

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