The Sanfords Walk the “Green” Walk

The Sanford name is among the most famous in California’s Central Coast winegrowing region.

Richard and Thekla Sanford have founded multiple successful winegrowing enterprises over the past 30 years, most famously the Sanford Winery. But in 2005, differences in business philosophy prompted them to part ways with their namesake estate, and they founded Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards.

There, they once again are crafting high-quality wines while simultaneously embracing organic farming, sustainable agriculture methods, and environmentally-friendly commerce.

The Sanfords presently are farming more than 100 certified organic vineyards in the Sta. Rita Hills appellation of the Central Coast. But beyond that, they’ve embraced economically responsible packaging (all bottles, regardless of the varietal wine housed in them, are of the same shape); they also use recyclable materials for their business stationery; they provide refuge for endangered birds and other wildlife, and more.

In other words, the Sanfords don’t just talk the “green” talk; they walk the “green” walk.

You can read more about their environment-friendly philosophy and practices here.

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