Say It Ain’t So, Margaux!

Much of the wine business is about image. That’s why the labels on wine bottles are so important. (See our “Art of the Label” blog to view some classic…and curious…examples.)

Another traditional aspect of the “wine experience” is the cork. But in recent years, many wineries have replaced the cork with other types of closures that may be more effective in protecting the wine, more environmentally friendly, or both.

Traditions die hard in France, however, where most estates have been resisting the demise of the cork. There’s at least one very significant exception to the rule, however, and it could ultimately tip the scales in favor of alternate closures in the most traditional of all French appellations: Bordeaux.

Which prompted one clever member of our tasting panel to state: “Say it ain’t so, Margaux!”

That’s right: one of the world’s most famous wine estates, Chateau Margaux, says it has been experimenting with alternative closures for its “second label” wine known as Pavilion Rouge.

Thus far, the winery has not been pleased with synthetic corks, but has had success with screwcaps. If testing continues to reap positive results, screwcaps could be in Margaux’s future—which, contrary to the short poem offered by our tasting panel member, would not be a bad thing.

After all, wouldn’t you rather have a good bottle of wine with a screwcap than a wine damaged or even ruined by a leaky cork?

How do you feel about alternative closures for wine bottles? Do you mind when a bottle is sealed with such a closure, or do you prefer the traditional cork? Your thoughts and opinions are welcome and encouraged in the comments box below.

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