Let’s Raise a Glass to Generosity

Sometimes I feel as if I live in a different universe when I read stories like this one.

It’s about a recent wine auction in Houston called “Rodeo Uncorked!” And as the report details, there was a whole lot of Texas-sized bidding taking place—including one (yes, successful) bid for $211,000.

All told, the auction raised $1.41 million via bidding for a total of 52 wine lots. That’s a lot of lots…and a lot of money. Proceeds will benefit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship fund.

While the prices paid for the various “Rodeo Uncorked!” lots are way out of my league, I should make it clear that I have absolutely no problem with such events. Most of them raise funds for some extremely worthy causes.

Auction Napa Valley, for instance, benefits health, youth and affordable housing programs. The 2012 edition is set for May 31-June 3, and a schedule of events is available here.

Many of the people who attend such events are generous almost to a fault. They understand that they are among society’s most fortunate people, and thus are willing to pay ultra-premium prices in bidding for coveted bottles.

And while they ultimately get to enjoy some very special bottles of wine, most will tell you that the true reward is getting to see their dollars put to good use in the community.

Our society often treats criticism of the rich as a sport. But as events such as “Rodeo Uncorked!” and Auction Napa Valley demonstrate, many of those folks have hearts that are just as big as their bank accounts.

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