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Seeking a Companion for Casado

Can winegrapes find happiness in a country where the climate is tropical all year long? Kerry Damskey intends to find out. The man behind Terroirs Incorporated—a consulting firm for wineries—has vast experience growing grapes and making wine from …

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Navigating a Wine Tasting

There is no better way to learn about wine than to taste it. That’s why belonging to a wine club can be so educational…not to mention enjoyable. Another way to fill your vinous knowledge bank is to attend wine tastings, which can range from info…

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Restaurant Wine Service and Tipping

“Do I need to include the price of wine when figuring out how much to tip at a restaurant?” We get that question—or a variation thereof—quite often. So, as people start to plan their summer vacations, I thought it would be a good time to re-visit …

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2 Things I Don’t Understand About Wine

A number of my friends refer to me as a “wine expert.” It’s a nice compliment, but I’ve always felt that an “expert” at anything is simply someone who clearly understands that there’s always a lot more to learn. With that in mind, we’ve decided to…

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