Armchair Traveling and Noshing

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about the big role that food plays in vacations. Since we’re eating out all the time, chances are good that at least a few of the meals we consume while on the road will be among the highlights of the trip.

We also noted that a good number of the programs on the Travel Channel revolve around food, and that several programs on the Food Network focus on travel.

Well, it turns out the same thing is true in the world of magazines, as the May issues of Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure demonstrate.

For Food & Wine, the May edition is the “Travel Issue.” Perusing the table of contents, one encounters such topics as:

  • Istanbul’s New Meze Masters
  • TV Chefs’ Recipes from the Road (from Vienna to Vietnam)
  • Food und Art: Berlin’s Best Dinner Party
  • Australia’s Unlikely Restaurant Mecca
  • England’s Incredible Country Inns
  • A Kenya Dream Barbecue
  • Taxi Tours: Denver, NYC, Atlanta
  • Rome’s Best New Gelato and Pizza
  • Discovering a New-Old Cuisine in India
  • Milwaukee Cool
  • Foodie Hotels
  • Best Bay Area Shopping
  • Fun Food Pilgrimages

Are you getting hungry? Have you checked your passport lately to make sure it hasn’t expired?

And then there’s Travel + Leisure, which has dubbed its May edition, “The Food Issue.” Among the features ballyhooed on the cover:

  • Ultimate Foodie Getaways
  • Where to Eat Now in Paris, New York, Madrid, Hawaii, New Orleans
  • Street Food 101: A Global Guide

Other food-focused features include:

  • Planet Sandwich
  • Hawaii’s Next Wave
  • The Traveler’s Guide to Tea
  • Tasmania for Food-Obsessed Travelers
  • Beirut’s Hottest New Table
  • The Buzziest Hotel Restaurants
  • Four Days in Japan and Why They May Change the Way You Eat Tomorrow

After soaking in the “sights” from Food & Wine and the “smells” from Travel + Leisure, I’m ready to hop on a plane and seek out a few unforgettable meals.

Accompanied by equally compelling bottles of wine, of course.

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