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Armchair Traveling and Noshing

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about the big role that food plays in vacations. Since we’re eating out all the time, chances are good that at least a few of the meals we consume while on the road will be among the highlights of the trip. We also n…

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Wining and Dining on Vacation

What do we talk about with friends when the subject turns to our most recent vacation? It depends on where we’ve been, of course, but the topics may include the gorgeous scenery, the serenity (if a tropical island) or breakneck pace of life (if a …

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The Lowdown on Down Under Environmental Issues

Climate change and sustainability have become big issues in Australia, where the Australian Wine Research Institute is working to provide information and programs for grape growers and vintners. As an example, opportunities exist to add value to w…

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Are You Ready for ‘Stacked’ Wine?

The “traditional” 750-ml. bottle is not the only way that wine is “packaged.” It’s just the most familiar container of the moment. Depending on the quality level one seeks, wine can be purchased in jugs, boxes, kegs and other types of containers. …

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