Enhancing the Wine “Experience”

You may file today’s blog under, “Three Wine Things We Like That Aren’t Wine.”Or, if your file folder flap isn’t big enough for all those words, just go with “Wine Things.”

Thing No. 1: Wine Country Inn
You can really feel as if you’re away from it all at Beltane Ranch, located in the Sonoma Valley town of Glen Ellen. The inn is surrounded by vineyards (which produce a very nice Sauvignon Blanc), as well as orchards and gardens. Breakfast includes items featuring garden-fresh veggies, eggs laid by the ranch’s hens, and jams made from orchard-grown fruit.

Thing No. 2: Wine Book
From the authors of “The Flavor Bible” and “What to Drink With What You Eat” comes another essential text for foodies: “The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine.” This time, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg take an encyclopedic approach to the subject of food-and-wine pairing, and the gorgeous photography makes the book almost as much fun to gaze upon as it is to read. Seen on Amazon recently for just over $20.

Thing No. 3: Decanting Tool
When wines are young and tightly wound, or well aged and finally ready to reveal themselves, the process known as decanting can help release the aromas. The Menu Wine Breather Carafe is an ingenious decanting tool that enables one to pour wine into a carafe and then pour it back into the bottle, providing just enough air exposure.

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