Take Me Out to the…Parking Lot?

Baseball season is in full swing. (Although, given the number of no-hitters and one-hitters thus far, perhaps that should be: “full swing and a miss.”)

In part because it’s so much fun, and in part because Major League Baseball tickets have gotten so expensive, many fans are opting to bring along and prepare their own food prior to the game—where the practice is allowed, of course.

Just the other day, the subject of tailgating came up in a note sent in by a reader:

“We are tailgating at a baseball game next month, and I’m going to make my famous Crab Cioppino. In the past, I’ve always served beer with this dish, but this time, we’d like to have some wine. Any ideas?”

The first “idea” that comes to mind is: On what date? At which ballpark? In which section of the parking lot?

Okay, those actually are three questions, but it’s challenging to not get excited about a good Crab Cioppino.

Assuming you make your Cioppino with a tomato-based broth and a certain degree of spice, this will be one of those “red wine with fish” occasions.

Zinfandel is always a good choice when spice is involved, and don’t be afraid to chill the wine down a little bit before serving.

A nice dry rosé (also chilled) is another option.

And then there was this short answer from one member of our Vinesse tasting panel: “Rioja. Case closed.”

One final thought: If you really spice up your Cioppino, opt for the rosé, and chill it down. And you didn’t hear this from me, but don’t be afraid to add an ice cube to your glass.

Do you have a favorite tailgating recipe…and a favorite wine to serve with it? We’d love to hear about it in the Comments box below.

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