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Napa Valley: Beyond the Tasting Rooms (Part 1)

Yes, we go to California’s Napa Valley for the wine. But those tasting rooms can get pretty packed during the summer months, and every so often, we need a break from the elbow bumping. Fortunately, there’s more to the Napa Valley than wine. Lots m…

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Life’s Short; Eat Dessert First

We tend to eat “lighter” in the summertime, and that habit even extends to dessert (except for us chocoholics, for whom every season is chocolate season). Here’s a dessert that’s perfect for summer, when fresh fruit is abundant. A lighter-styled, …

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Where There’s a Frey, There’s a Way

The history of organic grape growing in California’s Mendocino County can be traced to the early Italian immigrants who first planted grapes there in the late 1800s. Before the introduction of agricultural chemicals following World War I, all grap…

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Take Me Out to the…Parking Lot?

Baseball season is in full swing. (Although, given the number of no-hitters and one-hitters thus far, perhaps that should be: “full swing and a miss.”) In part because it’s so much fun, and in part because Major League Baseball tickets have gotten…

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