The Hype and Facts About Resveratrol

More and more studies are showing that resveratrol, a substance found in red wine, can be beneficial for one’s health.

Some have described it as an “anti-aging powerhouse.” Certainly, the results of studies involving lab rats are encouraging. But to duplicate those studies with humans, one would have to drink between two and 100 bottles of wine per day—something no doctor would recommend.

While pinpointing which elements deserve the most credit and produce the greatest benefit can be tricky, the University of Pennsylvania’s Joseph Baur told Tribune Newspapers: “There are many things in red wine that are beneficial to health.”

On the Mayo Clinic website, there’s a very informative, totally unbiased article on the health benefits of wine. It carefully examines both the hype and the facts, providing adults with good information on the subject.

You can read that article here.

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  1. trina says:

    Is it beneficial to diabetes? My aunt loves wine!

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