What to Do When You’re Asked to “Do the Wine”

A good friend is getting married in September. He nearly made it to 40 without taking that long walk, but now he has found “the one,” and I’m happy for him.

We were talking about the wedding the other day, and I just couldn’t help myself. Being a smart-A by nature (thanks, Dad!), I told him the same thing I told my darling daughter when she was planning her wedding: “Look, you’re only going to do this two or three times in your lifetime, so you may as well do it right.”

When I offered that advice to my daughter, she just rolled her eyes. She’d been hearing “advice” like that all her life. She still likes to remind me of the time when, at age 8, she invited a neighbor boy over to the house for the first time, and how, when he arrived, I looked him right in the eye and asked, “Young man, do you have a job?”

It’s amazing my kid turned out so normal.

But I digress…

When I made the sarcastic “two or three times” comment to my engaged friend, he did not roll his eyes. Nor did he laugh, chuckle or even snicker. He didn’t even pause to consider the “advice.”

Instead, he immediately replied with a question: “In that case, can you do the wine?”

This is what happens when your reputation precedes you and you’re a smart-A.

“I’d be honored,” I replied.

And so, I have begun the process of figuring out how many bottles to buy, what type of wine to select, and how to get it safely to the reception venue.

A snap for an experienced “wine guy,” right? Well…

The success of virtually any project can be found in the details, and buying wine for a wedding reception involves a lot of details—some involving the areas I just mentioned (quantity, type, transportation), and some involving other things.

So, since I’ve been putting together a “work sheet” for this project, I thought I’d share some of the “details” with you—just in case you’re ever asked to “do the wine” for a wedding reception, anniversary party, birthday celebration, dinner, etc. Whether it’s a huge gala or an intimate meal, the same basic guidelines can be used.

Over the next few days, I’ll let you in on how my “work sheet” is progressing, and how I plan to have exactly the right number of bottles on hand for my friend’s (first) big day.

So, be sure to check back tomorrow!

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  1. l.Blair says:

    I have a wedding coming up in September, I would like to serve wine, do you have preference

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