A Gold Medal Dining Experience in Soho

Over the weekend, we received an email from a lucky blog follower who is vacationing in London—yes, during the Summer Olympics.

She and her husband are staying in Soho, and are looking for a restaurant where they could go with a group of new friends that they’ve met at a couple of the Olympic venues. Yes, they would like wine to be part of the equation.

So we called upon a couple of associates who were in Soho this past spring, and one of them responded immediately with a one-word answer: Barrafina.

It took another email to cajole some additional information. Why Barrafina? What kind of food does the restaurant serve? Does it have a decent wine-by-the-glass list?

By Sunday night, we had our answers. And it appears that Barrafina would, indeed, be an excellent choice as it specializes in “small plates” and has an outstanding by-the-glass list of wines.

Spanish tapas are the restaurant’s specialty, with tasty options including marinated olives, ham croquetas, chorizo Iberico, a prawn and piquillo pepper tortilla, coca Mallorquina, tuna tartar, sardines a la Plancha, salt cod fritter, grilled quail, rump of lamb, Spanish cheeses and much more.

There are numerous outstanding wine-by-the-glass choices, including sparkling, reds, whites, rosés and Sherry. We’re big believers in, “When in Rome…” so we’d recommend Spanish selections in any of the categories.

You can learn more about Barrafina and see complete menus here. Enjoy dinner. It sounds as if you’re in for a gold medal culinary experience. And enjoy the rest of the Olympics!

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