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Parker’s Influence Can’t Be Denied

People in the wine business have a love/hate relationship with Robert Parker. He’s the man behind the highly popular newsletter, “The Wine Advocate,” a pioneer in assessing wines with both words and numbers. There is no more controversial topic in…

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Changing Lives by Changing Perceptions

All this week, we’re saluting the four new electees to the Vintners Hall of Fame. On Tuesday, we profiled legendary winemaker Merry Edwards. On Wednesday, we shined the spotlight on the late Frank Schoonmaker, a writer who was influential in eleva…

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The Man Who Changed the Language of Wine

The best way to learn about any subject is to read about it. So when I was just “getting into wine,” I headed to a local used bookstore and purchased every volume dealing with wine that I could find. One was called “The Complete Wine Book,” which …

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Merry Edwards: A Pinot Noir Pioneer

All this week we are honoring the Vintners Hall of Fame’s class of 2013. Later in the week, we’ll shine the spotlight on writers Frank Schoonmaker and Robert Parker, and activist Cesar Chavez. But today, the star of the show is winemaker extraordi…

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