At The Dining Room, Splurge on a Bottle

We don’t have “wine spies” everywhere, but we do know a lot of savvy winers-and-diners all over the country.

So when someone writes in with a question about dining in a specific city, we often can help.

Which is the case with the following query about the home of Heat, the Marlins and the Dolphins…

QUESTION: We’re going to Miami in a few weeks—which we’re hoping is after “tourist season”—and are looking for a “locals” place to have a nice dinner. Can you help?

ANSWER: We can! But first, be aware that because of the balmy weather, Miami’s tourist season extends well past September. The big crowds will be gone, but expect the hotels to still be at or near capacity well into October.

As for a place to eat, we’ve been hearing great things about The Dining Room, an intimate, 12-table restaurant that features seasonal menus. You can check out the current offerings at

We’re told that the wine-by-the-glass list is pretty run of the mill, but the bottle list has a number of interesting selections. So we’d suggest taking a cab and splurging on a bottle. Hey, you’ll be on vacation, right?

Have a question about wining-and-dining in a specific city? Or a wine-related question of any kind? Post it in the Comments box below, and we’ll do our best to answer it post-haste.

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