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Merry Edwards Headlines Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Growing up, many of us dreamed of hitting grand slam home runs, pitching perfect games and, one day, being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The sport may differ from person to person, but the dream is amazingly similar. It’s probably our firs…

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Greetings from Millpond

Many of us have something, perhaps just one thing, that we do every year, without fail. In my case, it’s attending the Millpond Music Festival just north of the town of Bishop, on the eastern side of California’s Sierra mountain range. For me, Mil…

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Music to Cushion the Transition of the Seasons

Different people attend wine festivals for different reasons. Certainly, “wine” is the main reason, whether it’s to taste as many as possible within a restricted time frame (you’ll see a few of those folks at every festival), to savor some sumptuo…

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A Wine-Tasting Event That Has It All

Stop what you’re doing and mark your 2013 calendar for September 7. Do it now. If you don’t yet have a 2013 calendar, go out and buy one. Do it now. You’ll want to set aside that Saturday to attend Winesong 2013 at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Ga…

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