Happy Hour, Pomar Junction Style

The weather’s generally fine along California’s Central Coast from April through October, and Pomar Junction Winery in Templeton takes advantage of that meterological truism by hosting a series of monthly events dubbed “Train Wreck Fridays.”

It’s the winery’s version of “happy hour,” except that it’s held outside so guests can enjoy (Mother Nature allowing) a spectacular sunset. Throw in some good wine and delicious tri-tip and pulled pork sandwiches, and you have the makings of a fun way to end the work week.

But Pomar Junction doesn’t stop there. It also adds live music to the equation, and based upon who will be performing on October 19, the 2012 “season finale” should be a ton of fun.

We speak of the Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band, a favorite on the West Coast summer festival scene for several years. To quote from the band’s website, the Red Skunk Jipzees “put together a truly authentic vintage-style sound that draws from Django Reinhardt, ’30s European jazz and American roots traditions… The truly remarkable part about this band lies in their ability to transport an audience back in time. From the moment the Skunks walk through your door donning fur coats and retro equipment, you will have entered a time period of authentic entertainment, and may not want to leave.”

Those planning to attend “Train Wreck Fridays” in 11 days are in for a real treat. They may even get to see some grapes being brought into the winery, depending on the Central Coast’s weather patterns over the next several days.

The admission fee is $10, and further information is available here.

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