A Unique Way to Make Friends

What do you do with your empty Champagne bottles?

Throw them away?

Recycle them?

Turn them into flower vases?

John and Sue Eyre of Brown Deer, Wisconsin, have a different use for them. Very different, as was chronicled in this story by Meg Jones that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

As you’ll read, the Eyres, who enjoy taking cruises, place their names and address on a note, place the note and a $1 bill in a Champagne bottle, re-seal it, and then cast it adrift into whatever large body of water they happen to find themselves.

They’ve been doing this for 20 years, and over the course of that time, have received a dozen responses. Eleven of the respondents have included names and addresses, and in each case, the Eyres have replied and included a $20 bill in the envelope. In one case, the couple accepted an invitation to meet the woman who found their bottle on the remote island of Mayaguana.

It may not be as quick as Facebook, but it’s definitely one way to meet new friends.

What do you do with your empty Champagne and wine bottles? You’d have to go some to top the Eyres, but we’d still like to hear from you in the Comments box below.

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