Monthly Archives: October 2012

Food Trends and How They Impact Wine

There have always been trends in most aspects of our lives. But with the instant communication that social media has spawned, it seems as if trends are surging more quickly than ever. You might say that trends are…trending. The end of one trend …

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Exploring the Wine Coast(s) of Michigan

The Leelanau Peninsula often is referred to as “Michigan’s Wine Coast.” But if you were to look at a map that plots the peninsula’s wine estates, it actually could be thought of as two coasts. On the eastern side of the peninsula, you’ll find wine…

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Napa Winery Offers Harvest Tours

Tomorrow is the first of three consecutive Fridays that Napa Valley’s ZD Wines will be hosting exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours—right in the middle of harvest season. Two tours will be held each of those three days, one at 11 a.m. and one at 2 p…

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France Says “No” to “Chateau”

From the country that is more proprietary than any other when it comes to wine terms—France—we bring you yet another complaint about language. Over the years, French vintners have spent a good deal of money and time in court seeking to ban other c…

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