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Petaluma: More Than an Affordable Lodging Option

Touring California’s North Coast wine country can be expensive. Napa Valley lodging, in particular, can put a big dent in one’s wine budget. But even the prices on the Sonoma County “side” can raise eyebrows, particularly during the busy summer mo…

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Talbott: Setting the Standard on California’s Central Coast

“Too cold.” That was one of the comments Robb Talbott heard about his desire to plant a vineyard on a mountaintop in California’s Carmel Valley. “Too difficult to plant,” was another. “Too challenging to grow on.” The truth is that the site Talbot…

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New “Moon Mountain District” Proposed

American Viticultural Areas—or AVAs, for short—are the United States’ equivalent of France’s “appellations.” They are unique, geographically-defined plots of land. Some are quite small, covering just a few acres. Others are massive, such as the Te…

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The Smithsonian Discovers Wine (and Food)

How appropriate that just two days before Thanksgiving (one week ago today), a new exhibition devoted to food would open at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. The exhibition focuses on the last five decades o…

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