Counting Down to Turkey Day 2012

According to a Char-Broil survey, the Thanksgiving dish that causes home chefs the most stress is the turkey (43%).

It’s followed by gravy (19%), desserts (16%), dressing/stuffing (15%) and mashed potatoes (7%).

Ham and scalloped potatoes, anyone?

But if you’re like most Americans and planning to serve turkey this Thanksgiving, you may want to raise a glass to the good people of Minnesota. In 2011, the “Gopher State” was America’s top producer of turkeys with 46.5 million.

If you’re having cranberry sauce, raise another glass to the farmers of Wisconsin, who last year harvested 430 million pounds of the fruit.

And since Thanksgiving 2012 falls as early as possible on the calendar—the 22nd—the time to start planning is now. We’re here to help.

Tomorrow, we’ll begin a series of posts covering everything from food safety to wine pairing, and from the pairing predicament presented by pumpkin pie to a pair of much less alliterative recipes.

Then on the day before Thanksgiving, we’ll give you a fabulous last-minute “bail-out” idea—assuming you can find your way to Las Vegas.

Hopefully, with some advance planning and these special blog posts, you’ll be able to enjoy a (relatively) stress-free Thanksgiving.

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One comment on “Counting Down to Turkey Day 2012
  1. Joe Summer says:

    I learned something from this article: there sure are a lot of Turkey’s in Wisconsin.I have a nice William & Sonoma Roasting cookbook from a few years ago and therein is a Turkey recipe which is relatively easy and I plan to have a few glasses of the grape while my bird cooks. Thank you for this tidbit of information to share with friends over a glass or wine.

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