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One More Recipe for the Leftover Bird

Most of your guests went back for seconds on Thanksgiving Day. Then on Friday, you sliced off some of the remaining white meat and made turkey sandwiches. Saturday, you decided to do something completely different and made turkey tacos, complete w…

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Need a ‘Plan B’ for Turkey Day?

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. The supermarket is packed with shoppers. Some are picking up multi-item prepared meals that require nothing more than reheating—thus providing the illusion that you’ve been prepping and cooking and baking for days…

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Turkey: The Day(s) After

Assuming Uncle George doesn’t go completely crazy, you’re likely to have some leftover turkey come this Thursday night. Rather than simply reheating dishes and having Thanksgiving, Part II, try this easy-to-prepare dish that lends some different f…

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A Pumpkin Pie Alternative

In Friday’s blog, we tackled the timely topic of pairing wine with pumpkin pie. But what if you’re burned out on that particular dessert? Is there another pumpkin-based dessert option that’s easy to prepare? You bet. Refer to Friday’s blog for win…

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