For the Foodie Who Has Everything

By definition, foodies take food seriously. And rich foodies (those with a lot of money, not necessarily those who like rich food) represent the target market for the Grand Cuisine range from Electrolux, the world’s second-largest appliance manufacturer.

So if you’re shopping for a rich foodie this holiday season… and you’re not on a shopping budget… read on.

In introducing the range, Electrolux CEO Keith McLoughlin noted, “This brings a halo effect, from a brand standpoint, to Electrolux. We’re talking very high net worth people with two or three homes. It’s clearly intended to build and reinforce the brand.”

Added Design Director Henrik Otto: “We have a wealth and depth of knowledge that we wanted to make available to people who are not professional chefs. We wanted to create something that could be put into a private home and fit in perfectly. The materials and the execution of the details give it a presence, whether you have a super modern kitchen or if you’re more traditional with a country-style kitchen.”

Clean, contemporary lines and the use of genuine materials make the Grand Cuisine adaptable for any home, with the choice of cool satin-finish steel or a warmer brass finish.

An installation team will assure that the kitchen is as practical to work in as it is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The result: a cooking system that enables accomplished cooks to achieve the exceptional, while empowering anyone to excel and enjoy the experience of home entertaining.

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine range is priced at $100,000.

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