Party Planning That Won’t Drive You Insane

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And, potentially, the most stressful. Especially if you’re hosting a holiday party.

Here are a few tips to help you plan a successful gathering of family and friends…without totally stressing out…

  1. Don’t include complicated dishes on the menu.

    Select main dishes and sides that can be prepared in advance and then reheated—some in the oven, some in the microwave. Include a few menu items that need no reheating at all.

  2. Choose casual over formal.

    It’s a whole lot easier to manage a buffet than a formal, sit-down dinner. No need for place cards, either; let your guests sit where and with whom they wish.

  3. Plan ahead.

    Make two shopping lists, one for non-perishables, and one for fresh items. Buy non-perishables in advance. That way, a few days before the party, your shopping expedition for the fresh items will be quick and easy.

  4. Don’t fret over clutter.

    Party hosts tend to develop a case of clean-up fever as the big day approaches. Rare is the home that isn’t at least somewhat cluttered, so rather than trying to clean an entire home in a single session, simply move those piles of clothes and toys to other rooms, behind closed doors.

  5. Open several bottles of wine.

    No two palates are the same, so don’t expect just one type of wine to please all of your guests. By making several different types available, guests can pick ones they know they like, and more adventurous folks may discover new favorites.

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