Restaurant Servers Deserve Our Respect

We are one week into the new year. Does that make it too late for embracing just one more New Year’s Resolution?

This question came to mind over the holidays when I read one of Steve Heimoff’s blog posts. It tells the tale of a Chicago restaurant server who had to endure the impolite (to use a polite term) behavior of a group of wine snobs who came in with their own bottles and basically demanded that 72 glasses be set up for them.

The waiter actually accommodated this rude crew which—surprise!—turned out to be bad tippers.

Heimoff, who formerly wrote for Wine Spectator and now serves as West Coast Editor for Wine Enthusiast, used the server’s experience as a springboard to offer four suggestions for proper behavior when dining out. They are guidelines that all diners—and, in particular, wine drinkers—should follow, and I hope you’ll check them out.

You don’t need to be “religious” to embrace and follow the “Golden Rule.” If more diners would do that, by imagining themselves in the shoes of the server, the restaurant experience would be more enjoyable for everyone.

A good New Year’s Resolution for all of us would be to keep the “Golden Rule” in mind when going out to eat. And if you bring a special bottle of wine to a restaurant, offer the server a sip. He or she may reward you with an unexpected and excellent food pairing suggestion.

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