Moscato Moves Ahead of Sauvignon Blanc

2012 certainly was a “newsy” year in the wine business, highlighted by winery and vineyard acquisitions, changes in the marketplace and even something that didn’t happen—a predicted wine shortage.

Paul Franson is one of the wine world’s top journalists—a true reporter, as opposed to a pundit—and he came up with a “Top 10” list of business stories for 2012. You can peruse his list here.

We found item No. 7—“Moscato Overtakes Sauvignon Blanc”—particularly interesting. This development in wine drinking habits lends credence to the long-held assertion that “Americans talk dry, but drink sweet.”

Could this be the reason, or at least a contributing factor, behind the formation of “Summertime in a Glass,” a new advocacy group devoted to Sauvignon Blanc? A story about the new group indicates that “Summertime in a Glass” will be something like ZAP, a group dedicated to Zinfandel, or the Rhone Rangers, an organization focused on traditional Rhone varieties grown in the United States.

We have long touted Sauvignon Blanc as perhaps the most food-friendly of all white wines, especially enjoyable with seafood. Moscato and other Muscat-family wines, because of their sweetness, are more suited to sipping solo. Each style has its place, and right now, it would seem Moscato is really catching on with the American drinking public.

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