How About a Glass of “Guy’s Grenache”?

You wouldn’t normally expect to find good wine at a diner, a drive-in or a dive.

And yet the host of Food Network’s program devoted to those very establishments, Guy Fieri, has gotten into the wine business in a big way.

According to this story in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Fieri owns a 5-acre Pinot Noir vineyard in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley, and last year sold grapes to both Jackson Family Wines and Williams Selyem. The story says that Fieri has submitted an application to open a wine tasting room, and has requested permission to host up to 14 events per year.

An impact study will determine whether Fieri will be able to develop his vision without significantly affecting his neighbors—particularly on event days.

Fieri’s enthusiasm for wine is apparent, as illustrated by this quote from the Press Democrat story: “Ever since I moved to Sonoma County and saw all this incredible environment of wine, from the agricultural side of it to the business side of it to the community involvement side of it, I’ve just been in awe.

“Maybe some day this will evolve into us being able to produce our own wine, and celebrate some of the bounty of the county,” he added.

Apparently, man does not live by deep-fried food alone.

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