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Area Code 805: Exploring the Arroyo Grande Valley

Was it the original “Beverly Hills 90210” television program that first made us aware of how certain Zip Codes are more, for lack of a better word, privileged than others? Zip Codes aren’t the only numbers that can tell a subtle story. So can area…

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Wine Country on a Budget

Why do we go to Wine Country? To get away from the rat race for a few days, soak in some gorgeous scenery and, of course, taste a lot of wine. But it can be expensive, particularly if your Wine Country destination is Napa Valley or Sonoma County. …

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Matching the “Tropical” Style of Chardonnay

Because Chardonnay is made in so many styles—oaky and buttery… tropical… steely… “unoaked”—you need to be aware of the style when pairing it with food. This Sauteed Snapper dish calls for a “tropical” style of Chardonnay—one th…

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An Update on the Chicago Wine Bar Scene

Bin 36 and Pops for Champagne are two of Chicago’s long-established wine bars. They’re great places to see, be seen and sip wine in style. And they’re located mere blocks apart in the downtown River North area. But if you’ve been there and done th…

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