This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Forget the Wine

Non-romantics may refer to it as a “Hallmark holiday,” but Valentine’s Day is an occasion that one ignores at their own risk.

Expectations can be high when February rolls around. “How much does he (or she) really love me?” one might ruefully ponder as the big day draws near. “We’ll find out soon enough…”

Couples on more stable ground may approach Valentine’s Day a little differently. For young parents, it could be a rare “date night” away from the kids. For older couples, it may be an opportunity to relive days gone by, and perhaps rekindle feelings from their courtship.

The cynic may add that in addition to a great day for greeting card sales, it’s also a wonderful way to kick-start the restaurant business after the inevitable post-holiday lull.

Whether you’re a romantic or a cynic, the fact that you are a wine lover makes Valentine’s Day worth celebrating. The wines of romance come in various varieties, so as long as you’re not irrationally focused on finding “just the right bottle,” you’re bound to have an enjoyable vinous experience.

Red is the color of romance, so that’s a good hue with which to start when selecting a Valentine’s Day wine. If you’re planning to have a nice, thick, juicy steak for dinner… or perhaps Chateaubriand for two… a red wine is definitely the way to go.

If you’ll be eating a bit lighter—a meat dish off the grill, or some kind of meat-based stew—a nice rosé-style wine can be a very enjoyable pairing.

Seafood? Shellfish? Sushi? Raw oysters? If that’s your Valentine’s Day cuisine of choice, chill down a bottle of sparkling wine and add some bubbles to the occasion.

As you can see, the options are plentiful. Whether you’re dining out or staying home, Valentine’s Day provides a wonderful excuse for opening a good bottle of wine.

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