In Quest of Chocolate Nirvana

Several times per year, readers of Vinesse TODAY request—no, make that demand—that we devote a “Style” blog to chocolate.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity.

Here are a few options if chocolate is on your shopping list—be it a gift… or a treat for yourself. (And if this IS a gift, better order “next day” delivery!)

  • Dandelion Chocolate
    When it comes to chocolate, we’ve always associated San Francisco with Ghiradelli. Now, there’s another reason to love the City by the Bay. Much like a winery may craft a single-vineyard wine, Dandelion makes artisanal single-origin chocolate bars, then wraps them in what could easily pass as gift-wrapping paper.
  • Hudson Valley Chocolates
    Order a mixed box of bonbons from this chocolatier, and the flavors may include peppermint tea or candied tangerine. Those varieties make our favorite, the almond butter, sound downright “normal.”
  • The Grown Up Chocolate Co.
    Ganache. Gianduja. Those are just two of the ingredients you may encounter in the sophisticated chocolate bars from this company. Don’t let the fun names (Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar… Glorious Coconut Hocus Pocus) dissuade you.
  • H.S. Chocolate Co.
    Pretzels. Peanut butter. Dark chocolate. Three of the basic food groups are nicely covered in the crunchy, salty and sweet treats from this company.


For even more chocolate decadence, check out our blog post from last Halloween.

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