The Flora Springs Approach to Sustainability

Flora Springs is an acclaimed Napa Valley winery that’s probably best known for its Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend known as “Trilogy.”

The wine has developed such a large fan base over the years that the winery hosts an annual pre-release party. (The 2013 party for the 2010 vintage was held on February 2.)

Flora Springs not only is one of Napa’s leading wineries, it’s also a leader in sustainable farming, embracing such practices on a number of levels. Some of the practices involve technological advances, while others represent a return to the ancient ways of growing things.

Among Flora Springs’ practices are using compost to increase organic matter in the soil; installing blue bird nesting boxes; installing owl boxes to control the rodent population; installing raptor perches for hawks; using drip irrigation to responsibly control water usage; mechanically tilling rather than spraying herbicides; using cover-crops (oats, radishes, bell beans, clover) to limit soil erosion for healthier waterways; and improving the habitat along the edges of the estate vineyards.

You can read more about Flora Springs’ forward-looking agricultural practices here.

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