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How to Make Ham More Wine Friendly

Planning to cook a ham this Easter Sunday? Because ham is so naturally salty, it can present a wine-pairing conundrum. What to do? Add another flavor to the equation—a flavor that mitigates the saltiness to some degree, and that’s complementary

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On May 18, Head for the Highlands

Some of the best wines—particularly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir—being made in California. Thirty-three wineries pouring their wares. Tasty food. Music.

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Mastering the Tasting Room Experience

A visit to a winery’s tasting room can be a highly educational experience—if you follow just a few simple “rules.” This came to mind as I was perusing a very amusing—and also quite accurate—list of “Rules for Attending a Wine

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Fun (Plus Lots of Food and Wine) in the Sun

If you’re a foodie…or even if you’re not…you’ve probably heard of Paula Deen. You may own one of her cookbooks. She has sold more than 10 million of them. Or you may have seen her on TV. On the Food Network, she

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