How Wine Lovers Can Help Cyprus

We wine lovers are a giving lot. We attend charity wine events. We take part in silent auctions, with proceeds benefiting worthy causes.

And now, we have an opportunity to help an entire country by lifting a glass (or two, perhaps more) of wine.

You’ve probably heard about the economic woes of Cyprus—described by BBC on Friday as “on the brink.” European Union officials were scurrying to find a resolution after a plan to tax bank deposits was soundly rejected.

At the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus is a cultural smorgasbord, offering so much to see and do—although many European mainlanders go there to do nothing at all, and simply soak in the sun while lounging on a pristine beach. But right now, Cyprus is hurting.

So how can we help? By attending the annual Limassol Wine Festival, which this year will run from August 30 through September 9.

By staying in the local hotels, dining in the local restaurants, shopping in the local stores and, yes, drinking the local wine, we’ll be providing a significant boost to the economy when Cyprus needs it the most.

Yes, it takes a bit of a commitment to attend the Limassol Wine Festival. First, of course, one must get there.

Then, after shaking off the jet lag, it’ll be time to partake of the festival’s various activities, which include listening to wonderful music (by both local artists and international performers), dancing, attending comedy and magic shows, sampling traditional Greek-influenced food, and perhaps even stomping grapes (accompanied by music).

And, naturally, we must drink the wines of Cyprus, most of which rarely find their way to American shores. It’s a great opportunity to expand our vinous horizons, sampling varieties such as Xynisteri (the island’s most widely planted white winegrape), Maratheftiko, Mavro and Ofthalmo.

So if you’re looking for a new end-of-summer wine adventure, or simply would like to help out a country in need, consider a wine-focused trip to Cyprus.

Hey, it can’t hurt to get on the good side of Dionysius, right?

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