Mastering the Tasting Room Experience

A visit to a winery’s tasting room can be a highly educational experience—if you follow just a few simple “rules.”

This came to mind as I was perusing a very amusing—and also quite accurate—list of “Rules for Attending a Wine Festival,” which was recently distributed by Washington’sHedges Family Estate. While the Hedges rules are intended specifically for festival-goers, several of them also apply to tasting rooms.

For example…

  • “NO perfume! And go light on the lipstick, honey.”
  • “Don’t talk about the legs after you swirl the wine in the glass. Here’s a tip: The legs don’t matter.”
  • “Practice spitting at home. It’ll come in handy.”
  • “Over-buff late thirties guy: Don’t try to impress your date by contradicting me. You’re going to fail. Yeah, try me.”

I laughed out loud—literally, not in the online LOL sense—when I read that last one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a tasting room, and some know-it-all started pontificating on one wine topic or another… and got his “facts” completely wrong. I’d find myself wondering how the person behind the counter was managing to hold back. How I’d love to be at the Hedges tasting room if that over-buff late thirties guy were to show up there!

Going to a winery tasting room isn’t nearly as daunting as a first-time visitor may fear. The employees are there to help, and they’re happy to answer questions.

Just don’t bring along that over-buff late thirties guy. And heed the words of your sixth-grade teacher: “Nobody ever learned anything while they were talking.”

P.S.: If you’d like to read all of Hedges’ rules for attending a wine festival, clickhere.

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