Stone Edge Farm: Help For and From Nature

All this week, in recognition of Earth Day, we’re devoting our blog to wineries that are taking steps to protect the land and the climate for future generations.

Yesterday, we began with a look at the organic practices embraced by Oregon’s Lemelson Vineyards. Today, we venture south to California’s Sonoma Valley, the home of Stone Edge Farm Vineyards.

This information comes from the winery’s website:

“To capture all the complexity of our vineyards, we farm our land organically with close attention to the myriad details that contribute to flavors in the ripening grapes.”

“We have found that the most intensely flavored grapes come from vines whose size and vigor are naturally limited to producing very small clusters. These sturdy vines thrive on sites with the optimal combination of soil, sun and climate.“

“Our two vineyards—Stone Edge and Mount Pisgah—share ideal conditions for growing such vines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon: rocky, highly permeable soils, extended warm summers with limited rainfall, and cool, foggy coastal mornings.”

“Through organic farming, we are able to build a vibrant, living soil that nurtures deeply rooted vines that bear highly concentrated fruit. Our low-input practices encourage biodiversity, which maintains a natural balance in our vineyards.”

“Nature also lends a hand as birds, owls and bats devour insects, while snakes, bobcats and foxes consume rodents.”

“We live with our vines and witness daily how the principles of sustainable farming are core to the health of our land and singularly shape our wines.”

You can read more about Stone Edge Farm’s vineyards and vineyard practices, and take a photographic tour of the vineyards, by clicking here.

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