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Exploring Napa’s AVA Less Traveled

There are 16 American Viticultural Areas within the Napa Valley, and you’ve probably heard of at least a dozen of them. Names such as Los Carneros, Rutherford, St. Helena, Yountville and Calistoga are among the more famous “appellations within an

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Is the Economy Back? Here’s a Vinous Indicator

Housing starts generally are a reliable barometer of the health of the economy. According to this report, housing starts were up 6.8% in May. Another positive sign: The 2013 Auction Napa Valley not only broke its fundraising record—set back in

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“Homegrown” Has a Whole New Meaning in England

“Fine English sparkling wine.” Four words seldom seen, written or uttered in that precise order. But things are changing. England—specifically, southern England—now is producing sparkling wines that can command as much as $70 per bottle. It’s enough to make a

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No Time to Stop and Smell the Rosés?

We love to plan wine country getaways—particularly long weekends…or even longer, when time and budget allow. But sometimes we’re simply driving through wine country, on the way from one place to another—and that can be painful as we pass one

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Preparing for the End of Summer

In case you missed it, summer officially began on Friday. Which means, among other things, that those who live in “four-season” climates already are dreading the end of summer. One great way to ease the pain when that time comes

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The Wine to Pour When Things Heat Up

Over the years, countless wine writers have recommended Gewurztraminer as a sublime wine-pairing partner for spicy Asian fare. And they have been correct in their recommendation—although not always for the right reason. Typically, the reason cited for the pairing involves

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2 More Vinous Vacation Possibilities

If yesterday’s blog didn’t motivate you to start planning a “wine country” vacation, then perhaps today’s will. Today, we bring you two wonderful vinous experiences, one in a far-off land, the other much closer to home… unless you happen to

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It’s Time for a ‘Wine Country’ Vacation

“Staycations” can be great fun, a way to better connect with your hometown or a neighboring village without spending an arm and a leg. But if the time has come for a vinous vacation, chances are you’re going to have

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‘SOMM’ Enchanted Evening at the Movies

A few years ago, I gave serious consideration to studying for the “Master Sommelier” credential and admittance to the Court of Master Sommeliers. Then I asked myself: If I actually were to pass what I’d been told was a “virtually

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Chill With This Easy-to-Make Salsa

For wine lovers, summer is the season for salsa, because it gives us an excuse (as if we needed one!) to pour something cold and bubbly… like a good Spanish Cava, an Italian Prosecco, or even a fine French Champagne.

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