Superior Sippers for Summer

What do you look for in a summertime wine?

This time of the year, as the cold winter winds are all but a bitter memory, I tend to seek out wines that are fresh and vibrant.

That usually equates with wines that are young, and wines that are white.

Here are four of my favorites…presented in alphabetical order so as not to play favorites…

  • Gewurztraminer—Exotically spicy in aroma, rich on the palate (unlike most summer whites) and bold in flavor. If I’m dining in on Chinese take-out, this is my go-to wine.
  • Muscat—Sparkling renditions (generally referred to as “Moscato”) are all the rage at nightclubs. I prefer the “still” renditions, or those that are just barely bubbly, for their musk-like aroma and vivid fruit flavors.
  • Pinot Grigio—With its almond, herb and a smoke-like flavors, this is my choice when grilling chicken.
  • Riesling—Perhaps the quintessential “food wine” among all white wines, it packs a surprising amount of flavor within what can be a fairly intense style.

We usually suggest serving most wines at just above room temperature in order to fully experience their spectra of aromas and flavors. But during the hot summer months, refreshment is just as important as flavor, and that’s why I tend to chill down my white wines.

The thirst-quenching enjoyment will more than make up for your taste buds’ ever-so-slight deprivation.

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