2 More Vinous Vacation Possibilities

If yesterday’s blog didn’t motivate you to start planning a “wine country” vacation, then perhaps today’s will.

Today, we bring you two wonderful vinous experiences, one in a far-off land, the other much closer to home… unless you happen to live in Austria, in which case I ask that you simply “vice-versa” that observation.


What sets Austria apart from virtually all other wine regions around the world are its steep vineyard terraces.

These can be viewed by car as one drives next to the Danube River in the Wachau Valley, or at a much more leisurely pace on a barge or boat, floating on the Danube. Each mode of transportation offers its own advantages and adventures.

For instance, by car, one can actually visit the wineries adjacent to the vineyards, and also explore some of the local castles. By water, it’s all about relaxation—and trying to figure out how they actually farm those terraced vineyards, which are planted primarily to Riesling and Gruner Veltliner.

In Langeniois, the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort offers luxurious accommodations for unwinding after a long day of wine touring — even if you did that touring by boat.

The Austrian National Tourist Office website is a great resource for planning your trip.


Long Island, the closest “wine country” to New York City, extends about 120 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Its maritime climate, geography and soil characteristics provide ideal conditions for producing wines of exceptional quality, including Merlot, Cabernet Franc, exciting blends and even sparkling wine.

Just 25 years ago, Long Island was home to one small vineyard. Today, there are more than 3,000 acres devoted to winegrapes, and family-owned wineries can be found all across the North Fork (with a few on the South Fork as well).

With an abundance of bed-and-breakfast inns and a growing number of fine-dining restaurants joining long-established locals haunts, Long Island offers an enjoyable “wine country” experience.

Get for information from the Long Island Wine Council.

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