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Making a Vinous Fashion Statement in the Park

Tina Frey Designs is world acclaimed for its hand-sculpted resin objects that range from fruit and candy dishes to plant and hanging vessels, and from variously shaped bowls to serving boards. The pieces in the collection are hand sculpted by

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The Refreshing Wines of Summertime

Figuring out the “language” of wine is challenging enough without different terms that seem to have the same meaning. That thought came to mind when one of our blog followers posted the question that follows. It’s an especially appropriate query

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Another Reason to Stay an Extra Day

“The Barlow” sounds like the name of luxury resort. It’s not, but there is no shortage of luxury items available to those who visit. Sunset magazine called this unique destination in Sebastopol, Calif.—occupying the former Barlow Apple Company site—an “artisan

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No Meat Required for This Wine-Friendly Dish

Although our minds typically drift to big, thick steaks or juicy hamburgers, summertime grilling need not be restricted to red meat. This tasty dish is packed with flavor, and pairs beautifully with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or a lower-alcohol, fruit-forward

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6 Tips for Grilling Success

Grilling season is in full swing. Here are six tips to help you enjoy not only the food, but also the process. Clean the grill while it is still hot. This may seem like it should be the last tip,

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Kosta Browne Takes the Next Step

Is there value in being able to include the word “Estate” on a wine bottle’s label? The owners of Sonoma County’s Kosta Browne Winery obviously think so, based on two recent deals struck with respected vineyard owners. First, Kosta Browne

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A New Way to Explore Wine Country

There are many ways to experience wine country. By car. By tour bus. By limousine. By train. By bicycle. On horseback. By cruise ship.

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Slow Down for Sebastopol

Many people on their way to a wine-focused getaway in Sonoma County zoom right past Sebastopol without even knowing it. Intent on reaching the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir outposts of the Russian River Valley, or the Zinfandel stars of the

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Eden: Australia’s Vinous Garden of Delights

A question likely to come to mind after traversing South Australia’s Eden Valley is: “Why is this called a valley?” At least in the way we generally think of a valley, the Eden is far from one. Much more noticeable

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Enhancing the Cheese-and-Riesling Experience

Assuming your dental work can handle it, try this brittle with Gouda or Edam cheese and a glass of off-dry Riesling. Do so, and you’ll have a dessert or snack treat that’s crunchy, creamy, spicy and sweet. This recipe is

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