The Refreshing Wines of Summertime

Figuring out the “language” of wine is challenging enough without different terms that seem to have the same meaning.

That thought came to mind when one of our blog followers posted the question that follows. It’s an especially appropriate query this time of the year, when our palate wants to be not only pleased, but refreshed.

QUESTION: Is there any difference between rosé wines and blush wines? My friends seem to use the terms interchangeably.

ANSWER: Lots of people do but, yes, there is a difference.

The term “blush” was coined back in the 1970s because many California producers believed the term “rosé” had become antiquated. About the same time, White Zinfandel gained widespread popularity, and it became the flag bearer for blush wines—a term now used to describe bottlings that are soft and typically sweet.

Meanwhile, the term “rosé” has come back in fashion, and the high-quality renditions are bone dry or just off-dry, and ideal food pairing partners.

For many people, rosé is THE wine of summertime.

Tomorrow: How to make a fashion statement with that bottle of blush or rosé.

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