Experiencing Wine in a Different Way

The “tasting experience” at most wineries involves running through a set list of wines, from white to red and dry to sweet, and then perhaps purchasing a bottle or two to take home.

But there’s a winery in Michigan that has transformed the tasting room experience into nothing short of an event. It’s called Gravity, and you’ll notice the difference even before you enter when you’re greeted at the door by one of the estate’s friendly staff members.

If you’ve not visited before, you’ll be given the full 4-1-1 about what to expect. At Gravity, it’s not just about tasting wine, but savoring it. That’s accomplished not only via the ambience—there’s both indoor and outdoor seating, the latter offering gorgeous vistas—but also with food. Specifically, with cheese and chocolate.

Guests are invited to create their own flight of four wines from a list that includes (on the day I visited) five whites, six reds and one blush. Each white and the blush are paired with an appropriate cheese, while each red is served with a piece of chocolate.

A few of the pairings that I had the opportunity to try:

  • Pinot Gris with Mild Cheddar.
  • Riesling with Colby-Monterey Jack.
  • Merlot with a Dark Chocolate-Covered Cashew.
  • Cabernet Franc with Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bark.

You can learn more about how Gravity elevates the tasting room experience online at facebook.com/gravitywinery.

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