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Screw Cap Critics: Put a Cork in It!

Let’s kick off the new week by answering a question sent in by one of our blog followers. It addresses a topic that’s generating lots of discussion among both casual and serious wine drinkers. QUESTION: I’m seeing more and more

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Things to Know When Ordering a Glass of Wine

There are millions and millions (and millions) of single adults in America today. That’s one reason so many restaurants now complement their wine lists with a number of by-the-glass options. One potential downside is that we don’t always get a

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The Value of an Educated Nose

I am always amused when I read a column or essay—some long enough to qualify as a dissertation—asserting that the language of wine is too complicated. A favorite tactic is to identify a handful of seemingly off-the-wall wine descriptors, and

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What’s Your Favorite Kind of Sparkling Wine?

I am one of those people who does not require a holiday or a wedding to open a bottle of sparkling wine. While Champagne has long been thought of as the wine for celebrations—and certainly functions nicely in that capacity—it

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Food Layering and Wine Pairing

Pairing wine with food certainly isn’t rocket science. And we concur with the assertion that a person should, first and foremost, eat and drink what they like. But if you take just a little time to think through pairing possibilities,

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Illinois Wine Country Offers the Royal Treatment

Castles are common in Europe. Leaf through almost any European country’s travel brochures, and you’re likely to find at least one itinerary that includes a castle tour. There even are a couple of castles in California wine country—namely Castello di

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When the Family Name Is on the Bottle…

For 20 years beginning in the mid-1960s, my parents owned a bakery on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, Calif. It was called the Balboa Bakery, but that wasn’t my Dad’s first choice for a name. He once told me

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Yes, Grapes Are Grown in Southern California!

The Golden State’s “wine history” actually began in Southern California, then over the years migrated northward as more and more people flowed into the Southland, creating today’s sprawl of housing tracts and strip malls. But winemaking there has not disappeared.

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Save That Wine to Toast a Happy, Healthy Baby

Lance Armstrong turns 41 today. Frankie Avalon is celebrating his 73rd birthday, and so is Fred Willard. James Gandolfini would have been 52 today. And my darling daughter turns… well, it’s really not for me to say. I don’t think

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Mexican Food and Wine? Just Say, ‘¡Si!’

I rarely drink beer. It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s just that with so many different kinds of wine to discover and savor, I rarely find a good “excuse” to crack open a brewski. Perhaps at a ballpark

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