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Screw Cap Critics: Put a Cork in It!

Let’s kick off the new week by answering a question sent in by one of our blog followers. It addresses a topic that’s generating lots of discussion among both casual and serious wine drinkers. QUESTION: I’m seeing more and more

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Things to Know When Ordering a Glass of Wine

There are millions and millions (and millions) of single adults in America today. That’s one reason so many restaurants now complement their wine lists with a number of by-the-glass options. One potential downside is that we don’t always get a

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The Value of an Educated Nose

I am always amused when I read a column or essay—some long enough to qualify as a dissertation—asserting that the language of wine is too complicated. A favorite tactic is to identify a handful of seemingly off-the-wall wine descriptors, and

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What’s Your Favorite Kind of Sparkling Wine?

I am one of those people who does not require a holiday or a wedding to open a bottle of sparkling wine. While Champagne has long been thought of as the wine for celebrations—and certainly functions nicely in that capacity—it

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