The Dog Days of Summer

The baseball season is winding down, which means the pennant races are heating up.

For residents of cities that still have teams in contention, it’s an exciting time. For others, not so much. (In Chicago, Cubs fans began reciting their annual mantra of, “What ’til next year,” right around Memorial Day.)

One type of food long and probably forever associated with baseball is the hot dog. Even an inferior wiener can taste pretty darn good at a ballpark.

The adult beverage of choice to accompany a hot dog is beer. That’s true at the ballpark or in the backyard. But I am here to tell you that wine should not be dismissed as a potential pairing partner for a pup.

The key is to find a wine that is somewhat… beer-like. And, honestly, it doesn’t require much looking.

In fact, almost any sparkling wine will do. It could be white, it could be rosé and it could even be red. It could be from France or Italy or Spain or America—practically anywhere.

Why sparkling wine? Because it provides the same “mouthfeel” as beer—crisp and clean. Chill it down, and it makes a sublime companion to one of America’s favorite comfort foods.

Keep that in mind when planning your next backyard barbecue—or, if your team keeps winning, your World Series party.

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