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The Colors of Halloween

Orange and black are the traditional colors of Halloween, but I’ve added two more in recent years. Pagan celebrations of autumn and the harvest season are responsible for those traditional colors — orange depicting the changing hue of the leaves

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A Wine Find in a President’s Hometown

It’s time to solve the “mystery.” On Monday, we showed you a picture of a winery that’s located somewhere “between” Chicago and Las Vegas. On Tuesday, we took you inside the winery, and provided a few clues as to where

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A Look Inside Our ‘Mystery Winery’

In yesterday’s blog, I posted a photo of a winery I visited a few days ago — a stop on my driving trip from Chicago to Las Vegas. Can you identify it? To help, here’s another photo — an interior

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Can You Identify This Winery?

“Where am I?” I’m on the road all this week, traveling a somewhat circuitous route from Chicago to Las Vegas. Of course, anytime I see a winery sign, I have to stop by… or at least snap a photo. Take

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