Experiencing Napa Valley in a Whole New Way

It’s never too early to think about holiday shopping. Around our house, we shop for Christmas all year long, beginning with the day-after-Christmas sales (for non-perishable items, of course).

If there’s a wine lover in your life — or even a photography lover — you can now put a check mark next to that person’s name for this year, thanks to the Napa Valley Vintners trade organization.

I just received this press release from the NVV, and it has all the details…

The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) has announced the publication of “Perspective Napa Valley,” a compelling visual telling of the Napa Valley story in a unique and hauntingly beautiful coffee table book.

The project was created in collaboration with local art photographer Sam Aslanian, who employs the unusual technique of using of long-expired, high-speed film.

“Perspective Napa Valley,” the first book of this kind ever produced by the nonprofit, regional wine trade association, captures scenes of life in Napa Valley — from culture, history and civic life, to the bucolic towns and vintner community, as well as the geology, climate and geography that make Napa Valley an ideal place for the growing of fine wine grapes.

“For nearly 70 years, the NVV has been telling wine consumers, members of the wine trade and media around the globe about America’s premier wine region, but this is the first time we’ve presented such an evocative, artistic look at Napa Valley,” commented Linda Reiff, NVV’s president and CEO.

“What drew me to Sam’s work is the manner in which he grabs the essence of Napa Valley in a refreshingly new way, and yet his tools are rather old-fashioned. Much like our winemakers’ wares are works of art portraying the region in a sensual, tactile fashion, so are these photographs. Our wines capture a vintage, and Sam’s photos grab a moment within them.”

From back road to main street, Aslanian’s photographs capture scenes of life in and around the famous wine region that evoke the agricultural texture of the valley’s old barns, stone buildings, fog-infused vineyard mornings, scenes from the cellar, and moments great and small of the people who comprise the fabric of Napa Valley’s vibrant small-town communities.

The surprising color variations brought out by the aging film and the grainy quality that seems more akin to hand drawing than a photograph bring to each page an intimate perspective, accompanied by short essays contributed by Terry Hall, the NVV’s former communications director.

The limited-run first edition of “Perspective Napa Valley” was produced and printed on recycled paper in California and showcases 86 images. Copies of “Perspective Napa Valley” can be purchased at napavintners.com, where a slideshow of select photos from the book can also be viewed.

All proceeds from the sale of “Perspective Napa Valley” help the NVV to promote, protect and enhance the Napa Valley appellation, its wines, vintners and community. Limited edition art prints from the book are also available directly from the photographer.

The book is priced at $95, and according to the NVV website, all orders received before Dec. 4 will result in the book being signed by the photographer.

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