A Look Inside Our ‘Mystery Winery’


In yesterday’s blog, I posted a photo of a winery I visited a few days ago — a stop on my driving trip from Chicago to Las Vegas.

Can you identify it?

To help, here’s another photo — an interior shot of the tasting room.

And here are a few other clues…

• The winery is located about an hour from the Quad Cities.

• It’s not far from the home of a United States President. (There’s a Presidential museum and historic site nearby.)

• The winery is home to a very cool performance space, and hosts live music on most Saturdays year-round.

Do any of those clues help? And keep in mind that my route from Chicago to Las Vegas could be called “circuitous” at best.

I’ll reveal the identity of this “under-the-radar” winery tomorrow.

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