A Common-Sense Approach to Sustainability

In Australia, there is an institute devoted to wine research, education and helping grape growers and winemakers implement farming practices that are as Earth-friendly as possible.

This is its vision and mission statement: “The Australian Wine Research Institute believes in sustained innovation and commitment to a profitable, environmentally responsible grape and wine sector. We recognize the high priority of environmental issues for the Australian grape and wine sector, and are committed to research in this area, as well as the provision of information and support tools.

“We are adopting a broad-based approach to dealing with the challenges of climate change and sustainability. Our vision is one where economic stability and environmental sustainability go hand in hand in a profitable partnership that is carefully maintained by collaborative, constructive action.”

The bottom line is that unless adapting sustainable practices makes sense from a business standpoint, it’s not likely to happen. On the other hand, the Australian wine industry realizes that if it does not take care of the land, there may be no business to protect in the future.

Taking care of the land simply makes sense in every way.

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